Local Gastronomy

As well as being known for its volcanoes and beautiful scenery, Auvergne is also known for having a wide selection of cheeses. This is a great place for cheese lovers or anybody who is interested in tasting local products.

There are many farms in the area to visit, where you can see how cows are milked and how Saint Nectaire cheese is made. There is always cheese for sale, but you can also purchase other products such as butter, saucisson, pâtés, yoghurts… Enough to please everybody!

Auvergne is also known for its local dishes like truffade, potée auvergnate, pounti or aligot. You can enjoy most of these dishes in local restaurants and we have a “soirée truffade” (truffade dinner) once a week and our snack-pizzeria in July and August.

We also have sweet foods. Different kinds of honey are produced in our region and you can visit beekeepers in the area and assist in the making and tasting of honey sweets. You will also find out what a beekeeper’s job is like.

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