Natural sites

- Tartaret and Chambon Lake

The younger volcano of the chain of volcanoes and its lake are at the foot of our campsite. A lovely itinerary will allow you to discover one of Auvergne’s jewels: the Chambon Lake, between the Dent du Marais and the Chaudefour Valley. Once at the top of the Tartaret Mountain, an extraordinary view will be waiting for you. The itinerary takes an hour and a half to two hours by foot. Walking around the lake takes about one hour and is accessible for pushchairs. Swimming is allowed and supervised in July and August.

- Lac Pavin :

The Pavin Lake is situated at an altitude of 1197 metres between Besse and Super Bessse. Its circular shape and limpid water make you feel like you are in a dream. With a depth of 92 metres, it is the deepest lake in the region. Bathing in the lake is prohibited but fishers can enjoy the peace and quiet while waiting for a char or a rainbow trout to bite.

You can walk around the lake in an hour and then continue up the Puy de Montchal which is nearby.

Great Mont Dore Waterfall

This 30 metre high waterfall, created by an ancient volcano, is counted among the highest in the region. During your walk, you can access an area just above the waterfall, where there is a great view of the Massif du Sancy and the Haute Dordogne Valley. This walk takes about an hour.

- Puy de Pariou :

The Puy de Pariou, well-known nowadays for its volcanic water sources, is half an hour’s drive away from the campsite. It looks a lot like what children imagine a volcano to look like with a perfectly drawn and visible crater. You can walk down into the volcano’s crater and walk back up its edges where a beautiful view of the Chaine des Puys and of the City of Clermont-Ferrand awaits you.

- Puy de Sancy :

At 1886 metres of altitude, the Puy du Sancy is the highest point of the Massif Central (…) and the highest Volcano in metropolitan France. Its alpine peak is often compared with certain peaks from the Monts du Cantal.

4 valleys, made by glaciers appear in the lower slopes of the mountain: Chaudefour, La Fontaine Salée, la Dordogne and la Biche.

You can access its peak and its edges from Super Besse or Mont Dore by foot or by cables cars. For those who enjoy a tough hike, you can access the Puy du Sancy via the Valléee de Chaudefour.

- Vallée de Chaudefour :

10 minutes drive away from our campsites, you can explore on the most beautiful valleys of the region. The Chaudefour nature reserve is a valley filled with majestic rock formations, rocky slopes, waterfalls, ferruginous water sources, and peaceful streams. Dogs are not allowed into the nature reserve.

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