Activities & Entertainement

Activities in July and August:

We propose activities that are essentially visits or hiking. 3 or 4 mornings a week are dedicated to children between the ages of 5 and 13.

Come and discover the surrounding area with us. We offer family hikes in the afternoon.

Children's Activities:

Morning activities: arts and crafts (making lanterns, cards, boxes, jewellery ...), cooking (making sweets ...), sculptures from balloons/balls, "kermesse" games (sjoelen, bagatelle, curling, fun fishing, fakir ...), ball games...

We also have occasional afternoon or evening story-times for young children.

For children and grown ups:

Table football, football, volley ball, and water-polo tournaments.

Pony mornings (children between 4 and 10 years old)

Introduce your children to the pleasure of riding a pony. In partnership with Les Galopins Du Sancy (activity on the lake shore) we are delighted to increase our panel of activities by permitting the children to pass an entire morning (10h-12h) with these animals.

Program as an indication:

Monday : The observers : observe le forest wild life
Tuesday : The explorers : explore volcanoes throught its pathes
Wednesday : The indians : come and discover the spirit of the pony
Thursday : The acrobats : balancing and funny acrobating on a pony (aerobatics)
Friday: The adventurers : Relay, challenges, and other pony games

Be carreful limited places ! we advise you to sign up in advance for this activity.

35€/ Morning



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